PPE is of supreme importance for health care workers and others working in points of entries, quarantine centres, hospital, laboratory and primary care/ community settings.

As there is clear evidence of human -to-human transmission of coronavirus PPE are a must have for those involved in the above mentioned activities.

PPEs are protective gears to safeguard the health of workers by minimising the exposure to a biological agent.

Personal protective kit includes goggles, face-shield, mask, gloves, overall/gowns, head cover and shoe cover.

The use of each one mentioned above is as follows:

Face Shield and goggles

Due to the droplets generated by cough, sneeze of an infected person one can be easily infected, hence protection of the mucous membranes of the eyes/nose/mouth by using face shield/ goggles is an integral part of standard contract precautions.


They play a major role in fighting with covid-19 providing good protection to the wearer.


While touching an object/surface contaminated by covid-19 infected person if one touches his own eye, nose or mouth, he may get exposed to the virus. Gloves protect us from this.


These provide protection for the torso of healthcare providers from exposure to virus.

Overalls typically give 360 degree protection as they cover the whole body whereas gowns are less protective due to possible openings in the back etc.

Head cover

These provide coverage over the head and neck. Hair and hair extensions should fit inside the head cover.

Shoe cover

As the name suggests they cover the shoes to facilitate personal protection and decontamination.

PPEs are not alternative to basic preventive public health measures such as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquettes which must be followed at all times.

Always maintain a distance of one meter from contacts/ suspects/confirmed covid-19 cases.

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