Face mask

Face mask is one of the most important tool in fighting the coronavirus battle. It has become central to the COVID pandemic as the disease tightens its grip across the globe. The use of face mask is intended for individuals, IPC professionals, health care managers and workers.
We are based in Jaipur ( Rajasthan) and deliver face mask all over India. Covering the nose and mouth is part of a nationwide effort to help in combating the spread of covid-19 as it transmits easily from coughs and sneezes and from droplets in your breath.
The surgical mask we provide is wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and chin having a firm fit ensuring breath ability that help keep out large particles that travel through the air; e.g. during a sneeze.
What wearing a mask can do is greatly limit the chance that you contract the virus or that you spread it to others if you are infected - a possibility even if you are asymptomatic.
Our frontline workers need them daily to safeguard themselves as well as the patients.A large section of general public who ventures outside their homes for groceries and essential work also need to use them regularly.A face mask therefore becomes mandatory in an environment where it is hard to maintain social distancing e.g.public transport or doctors physically examining or treating a patient.
We are committed in our efforts to make these masks available to one and all.
How to wear, use,take off and dispose face mask :
*Before putting on a mask clean your hands with an alcohol based hand rub or soap and water.
*Cover mouth and nose with mask and check for any gaps between your mask and face.
*Avoid touching the mask while using it and if touched then immediately clean your hands with a sanitizer or soap and water.
*While removing it remove it from behind taking care you do not touch the front portion and dispose it in a closed bin.
* Always wash your hands after removing the mask.
One can avoid catching infection with the use of this product provided one takes all the precautions instructed with the product.
The focus on surgical mask in present times will go a long way in ensuring our safety form this global health care crisis.
We also recommend the use of sanitizer along with face masks , practicing social distancing to fight COVID 19.
Feel free to contact us for this indispensable product.